Find out how one of our clients lost 21 kg of body fat in just 12 weeks!

WITHOUT "exercise burnout" or sacrificing his favorite foods.

Hear his story


Find out how one of our clients lost 21 kg of body fat in just 12 weeks!

WITHOUT "exercise burnout" or sacrificing his favorite foods.

Hear his story

Watch the full case study here (scroll down for results):

Meet Didi, one of our clients

Like many people, Didi loved his carbs. Rice, bread, potatoes... You name it. There was only one problem.

Being 89 kg was something he struggled with every day.

His weight put strain on his joints and caused him to injure his knees and ankles.

Worse, he didn't like what he saw in the mirror, and that made him stress eat more. Which caused him to gain even more weight. Which caused him to stress eat even more.

It was a downward spiral for him for years. Until one day, he decided enough is enough.

He tried cutting down on his food, eating healthier, and even hired PTs. Nothing worked.

Eventually, he came across BodyEngineers and decided to give us a try.

Watch the full case study here:

And his results after 12 weeks?

He went from this:

89kg (35kg fat)/39.3% BF

To this!

72kg (14kg fat)/19.4% BF

His results are NOT typical

Didi's results (or any results you see on this page) is the result of lot of hard work, effort, and discipline.

On average, the recommended rate is ~0.5 to 1kg net loss per week (according to studies and our experience).

Our clients work closely with their trainers to set reasonable goals and work hard to achieve them through our unique process (details below). If you are not willing to do that, this may not be for you.

More than 100 people have achieved phenomenal results with our program.

Received 47 "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" public reviews from our clients

And we're only just getting started!

Now, does Didi's "before" story feel familiar?

Maybe you've tried:

Popular online exercise programs that aren't designed with you in mind

Super restrictive diets that dampen your mood and energy

Expensive "gym babysitters" to watch you exercise

Running and running and running and more running

But your results have flatlined and you haven't seen improvement for months. Or, worse, you have never gotten results from the start. And it's frustrating!

If that sounds like you, you're not alone. Many of clients experienced the same thing before they found us. That's why we want to ask you...

Are you ready to finally

Get the transformation you deserve?

Before: 19 kg fat (39% body fat)

After: 11.05 kg fat (22.6% body fat)

We dedicated the past 2 years tweaking, testing, and designing a comprehensive program that can help you get results in 12 weeks!

The system is taught to all BodyEngineers trainers, and they have gotten amazing results for their clients.

We take a comprehensive, personal approach to help you get results.

With our unique process:

Our program is designed specially to help YOU reach YOUR goals.

After we've got all the data, the trainer will hit the drawing board and

Create a customized plan JUST FOR YOU

To help you reach the goals you set within 12 weeks.

All you have to do is show up, follow the plan, eat right, and maintain your discipline!

PLUS, you'll get these bonuses

BodyEngineers App

With the app, you'll be able to:
  • Access your customized workout plan conveniently on your smartphone
  • Track your workouts so you can see how much you've improved over the 12 weeks
  • Connect with your trainer through the private messaging function
  • Access a video library of hundreds of exercises for your home workouts
  • Track your progress through measurements or photos
  • Schedule your workout sessions
  • Track your personal bests and records

BodyEngineers VIP Community

Working on your health and fitness is a lifelong journey.
And that's why having people by your side to motivate and push you forward is super important to your success.
You will get access to our VIP community, and get invited to exclusive client events and meetups happening throughout the year.

That said, this is NOT for everyone

We only work with a very specific type of client. Because while we have to knowledge and expertise, it requires you to put in significant effort.

It's simple, all you have to do is follow the plan. But it's not easy. Discipline, hard work and trust is important.

We need clients who are willing to work with the trainer, not against the trainer. That's why we have specific criteria of clients we take on.

See if you're a right fit

Read more success stories

*These are some of our best clients and their results are not typical. They put in a lot of effort, hard work, and discipline to achieve their results.


"You really did a good job. I started to gain some confidence in myself. Let's jiayou!"


"Thanks bro! I'm super pumped up with the progress! You've been amazing at motivating!"


"Jazz, you should be proud of me. I hit 49 kg flat this morning. I did 15 pull ups (not all at once obviously). And went back to 43 kg for wide grip pull down."


"I trust all the trainers under (BodyEngineers) since Nancy is good. Kai Zhen too. Look at Rachel's results. The team is good."


"I got compliments that I look more fit."


"Everyone says I lost weight and more muscular."

Ok, so how much is the 12-week program?

When you become a client, you'll get:

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment ($150/test) - $300

  • 1-on-1 Personal training sessions (36 sessions) - $3,600

  • BodyEngineers App Access ($30/month) - $90

  • Gym facilities and access ($107/month) - $321

  • BodyEngineers VIP Community - priceless

Total value: $4,311

One-time payment of $3,240 (25% discount)

(Or, installment of $1,200 every 4 weeks)

See if you're a right fit

Our "$500 On The Line" Guarantee

We're so confident that if you follow through the program that you will get results in 12 weeks. And we'll put our money where our mouth is.
If you fulfill all the criteria and still don't see results (impossible)? We'll give you $500. That's our promise.
So far, all our clients have gotten results. That's why we're confident you can too.

We only have limited spots

Time is a crucial factor here. Our trainers are currently at 80% capacity. We only have slots for 8 to 12 more clients for the next 12 weeks.

Once we hit max capacity, it will be impossible to take on any more clients.

Realize that there's a huge demand for one-on-one training. Plus, with our results guarantee, what we're offering is unlike any other.

Slots are extremely limited. If you feel this is right for you, click the button below, submit your application, and we'll drop you a call.

See if you're a right fit

What happens next?

Click the button below and enter your details. Fill in the questionnaire on the next page.

Once you submit that, we will drop you a call to find out more about you to see if you're a right fit for our program.

The call will take about 15 minutes. This is where we begin working to figure out exactly what you want and how to make that happen.

If after the call, you decide that you want to join the program. We'll book an appointment with you to come down and start on the full assessment.

Wondering if this will work for you?

At the end of the day, only truly committed people get results.

This 12-week program is only for those who really want to do something about it. They've tried everything else, but have not gotten results they want.

We designed this to help YOU and no one else. It's a customized program. And it can only work if you make it work.

But what other alternative do you have?

Think about it, 12 weeks from today. Will you achieve the transformation you deserve? Or will you remain the same?

The choice is yours.

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