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At BodyEngineers we believe that fitness is a lifelong journey.

We believe in getting results the right way—through carefully designed fitness and nutrition plans designed based on peer-reviewed studies.

These days, too many "experts" try to sell the latest weight loss secrets.

Pills, shakes, diet plans... Which may seem to work, but in reality silently destroy your body from the inside.

True fitness comes from maximizing your body's natural potential through building good habits and having a positive attitude. There are no shortcuts to health. You deserve better.

That's the BodyEngineers way.

The BodyEngineers Story

Meet our Trainers

At BodyEngineers we work with the best trainers to help you reach your fitness goals.

Jazsley Zainal

Founder & CEO

Expertise: Strength, Fat Loss, Sports Performance

Certification: BSc Sports Science, NSCA-certified Personal Trainer, SAF Close Combat Instructor, Kettlebell for Functional Fitness (Certified Trainer)

Low Kai Zhen

PT Manager

Expertise: Weight Loss, Muscle Building

Certification: BSc Sports Management

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