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For the first time in history, we are at the turning point in the health and fitness industry. We have access to information, resources, and the ability to influence how people think about health and fitness.

You can play a pivotal role in creating this new consciousness, if you have the right team.

That’s why we are looking for passionate individuals who believe in a science-based approach to fitness.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

BodyEngineers is bringing together a team of fitness rebels to spark a revolution. To overthrow the mainstream belief in shortcuts, health myths, and pseudoscience.

And our mission is simple:

To set people on the right path in their health and fitness journey.

Because we believe that the body is a catalyst to changing the world. When you are healthy, you can do anything. Everything starts from there.

It’s a lifelong journey.

Our message reaches thousands of people every day and it continues to grow. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.

So, if you want to be a part of something greater than yourself. Submit your application to join the team and we’ll personally take a look.


Founder of BodyEngineers

Who We're Looking For

  • Singapore citizen/PR for full-time apprenticeship

  • Has 1-3 years of experience in the digital marketing space. Preferably in the relevant industry.

  • Is obsessed with the fitness niche and has a passion for writing.

  • Has SEO and content writing experience

  • Has an eye for design and visual aesthetics

  • Is able to give feedback in a constructive, clear, and tactful manner

  • Committed to continual personal growth and learning

  • Takes personal responsibility and extreme ownership (“the buck stops with you”)

  • Is willing to align personal goals with the BodyEngineers vision

  • Is a problem solver. Willing to think out of the box.

  • Has excellent time management

  • Has strong written and verbal communication skills and can communicate in a clear, concise, and constructive manner.

  • Preferably knows how to use WordPress, Google Keyword Planner, and various SEO tools.

Your Role In BodyEngineers

The SEO Content Writer will work closely with the Head of Marketing to execute the marketing roadmap. You must ensure:

  • The content meets a high-standard

  • Deliverables are consistent with brand, style, and voice guidelines

  • Message is aligned with the ideal client profile

  • Deliverables are optimized for readability, searchability, and engagement.

  • Message is positive and motivational

You will be in charge of working with the team to come up with a content calendar and to produce one publishable article every week. Making sure every cog in the marketing machine is in place and running smoothly.

As part of BodyEngineers you may need to work with other members in other teams. You have to be communicative with the other team to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful campaign.


Creative Strategizing

  • Brainstorm strategy with marketing team

  • Conduct in depth market research and build Ideal Client Profiles

  • Review brand assets

  • Have in depth understanding of industry, research, and services.

  • Strategize content calendar

Tactical Execution

  • Write quality content that is optimized and engaging.

  • Conduct in-depth research into studies and journal articles on topic

  • Conduct keyword research based on client profile

  • Familiar and up-to-date with latest SEO best practices

  • Write SEO'd cornerstone articles

  • Able to upload content and articles on WordPress dashboard

  • Source for visuals or create (images and videos)

  • Stay on top of challenges and obstacles

Get Results

  • Take responsibility for overall results of the campaign and content

  • Periodic updates on content progress and performance

Bring Positive Energy

  • Bring your passion and energy to work

  • Open and honest communication

  • Willing to get outside of comfort zone

  • Able to have fun. Work hard, play hard.

  • Take pride in your own work

  • Celebrate other people's successes and encourage everyone.

If you feel that you are up for the job, send your resume and CV to [email protected]