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We are a small, growing team of evidence-based personal trainers who focus on ethical and natural personal training to help our clients get results. Since 2018, we've helped over 200 people take the first step towards their fitness goals. We believe in using real science to get real results. No unethical or "fake science" nonsense. Let us help you today.

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Within a short span of 3 months training with him, my body fats % dropped from 24% to 16% (dropped 8%). I was quite amazed with the results.


I used to weigh around 130kg. Right now through his advice and guidance, I dropped 20 kg. These 7 months of training, everything that Kai Zhen has done has shown results for me.


Initially, i only had the strength to do empty bar squats and benchpress. After Jazz’s training,I am now able to do 85kg squats and 60 kg bench press.Jazz is always attentive to my postures , making sure i activate the right muscles and not injuring myself. He also spends time to educate me on nutrition so that i have the right fuel to sustain my body’s growth.

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